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Earth planet the cradle of humans, one place where the magic is beautiful for some people and for others a torture, since the human emerged has not stopped doing research to discover if there is life on other planets. Going back to the question: if the 50% of habitants in Earth go away to other planet, what would happen to Earth?

To start, I think that the planet will have serious ones having the 100% of habitants in Earth. I can say that rights to kids in other countries are not permitted, the loss of biodiversity due to deforestation, increasing contamination, the poverty, the global warming, the overpopulation, the desnutrition caused by the loss of rights, the injustice and the hunger, are some examples of problems that are visible in the Earth with its 100% of habitants, now the good consequences can be: you can stay with your friends, with your family, if you are lucky you can have basic resources, water and others. Are you aware of the difference between the serious and good things? The gap is huge but if we see it from another side, what would happen if 50% of habitants will go away? Well things can change at least a little bit

With only the 50% of habitants in Earth the risk of bad consequences continue but not much, some examples can be: forlorn, loneliness, controlling the society, jobs, economy, loss of jobs, loss of habitants and others.

Now the good consequences can be: a little of justice because without a government we don´t have control, the global warming and contamination they will decrease, keep biodiversity, no hunger in some places and countries, basic resources for some people and other that you can identify.

If the 50% of the habitants go away to other planet, it can be probably that something very serious is happening to Earth, first you have to make sure that living in other planet is possible and things will be better the planet fits our needs, if there is oxygen, if there is water, if there are strange things, that cannot be explain, that’s why you must think before doing it. To meet new territories we have to make many studies to identify if there is life.

All in all, people staying in Earth will have more possibilities to survive due to the costumes and the activities related to living and getting resources however, there will be many problems, in controlling the society, Jobs, economy and even, there will be many possibility of human extinction. Maybe 50% of the planet travels to Mars another planet to explore it and that it is an alternative of human life as a second land, a place where people have basic resources and family. It would be a very expensive idea but worthy, can you imagine your grandchildren traveling to other planet without any problem, this is exactly what can happen if we conquer new territories in space.

Probably in 2100 we have conquered planet, which has the 50% of population that once left Earth, they could have populated it entirely.

If the two planets are completely populated and contaminated. What will be the result? What will happen to the population? Will they do missions to discover other planets? Will humans evolve from their original form? I leave this to you...

Camilo Andrés Gallego Infante/ GCF Student

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