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Supermarkets, we all have been once in one of these, there are a lot of vegetables, fruits, canned food, meats, cereals, chips, among others. Not all these things are bought by the community, have you ever imagined where these food finishes?

I think most of the supermarkets throw it away, to the garbage, and this is one of the biggest reasons of food waste, surplus food. They don’t try to do something else to use the food that nobody buys and would finish rotten. But let me tell you there are exceptions, good people that are trying to change the future in which nobody wants to be.

According to daily mail, UK’s markets are making charities, helping the people that need it. As I said before there is a lot of surplus food in this stores, the supermarkets in the UK are donating the food to charities which use parcels to distribute this food. The government is also involved in this, they are pressuring the stores that get a lot of food to get up in this scheme that wants to cut of the food waste and help the needy.

This is an alternative to prevent food waste, it protects the environment, help others and makes good business sense, and this is how Caroline Spelman, environment secretary said to a lot of supermarkets and industry leaders to make them notice the benefit of giving food. Stores as Tesco, Asdas, Sainsbury’s and others are making part of this project.

I’m proud of these people, those types of actions are easy to do and everyone can get involve, I invite you to do it, we can mold this idea in order to adapt it to the school, to get up in this change and to try to decrease our food waste.

By: Ana Sofía Rey / Ninth Grade

Advised by: Annamaría Gallo Coordinator IB

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