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At giantbraceletdisplays com, we offer a one of a kind 10 tier giant wooden bracelet display. This bracelet and bangles holder stands almost 3 1/2 feet tall and includes 10 levels of storage space for your bracelets, bangles, watches or scrunchies. This giant bracelet holder includes a a built in drawer for additional storage of jewelry, bags or anything else. This unique oversized bracelet holder is also easy to transport and to set up. Each bar is 18” wide and can be easily removed from the display. You can store up to 70 bracelets on each level, depending on the size and thickness of the bangle or bracelet holder. The multilevel bracelet stand makes a perfect bangles display holder as well. This 10 tier bracelet display is perfect for both retail and festival setting but it is also ideal for home use. The display can be assembled easily within minutes. Available in a light and dark brown wood color.


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