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Bill of Rights Speech activity

Actualizado: 24 nov 2020

This past monday 24 and thursday 27 of february, the students of eleventh grade developed an activity in which each student had the task of writing and delivering a speech titled ‘it's my right’, were the students had to establish a relationship between the bill of rights, a historical document that was being analyzed during english class,written by James madison in 1789, and the experiences involving freedom or restraint of freedom in history or personal experiences.

The bill of rights was written as an addition to the original constitution of the united states,and its purpose,as stated before,was to ensure there were laws that protected the individual rights of american citizens,this document was divided in ten amendments that cover rights such as freedom of speech,freedom of religion ,the right to protest,the right to own weapons and not allow non official searches on your property,apart from laws ensuring that in case anyone commits a crime they have access to a fair trial ,etc.

This activity was enriching from a learning point of view,because not only did it allow us to practise our writing skills by pushing us to write a text with coherence and good grammar,but also our speaking skills and pronunciation by pushing us to speak in public, which may be a very useful skill to have in the future, as well as learning about the bill of rights itself and how important this historical document is for society today.

-By Eleventh grade

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